Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Legal funds needed in Sapporo

There has been hectic and productive activity here in Japan, and we (the ISC delegates) are pleased to report that we have been making strong and meaningful relationships with our comrades from the All Freeters Union. Unfortunately, one of our comrades (in addition to three other folks) were arrested at a large demo in Sapporo on Saturday afternoon. Funds in general are low, and legal funds in particular are very low. The arrestees are facing a possible 2-3 years of jail time, and so any donations would be gladly appreciated. Please contact diane@indymedia.org if you can help. We greatly appreciate anything you can donate, and thank you in advance.

FW Diane Krauthamer
ISC Delegate to Japan

Please read the Call for Solidarity with Counter-G8 Protesters in Japan

(a more thorough update will be posted shortly)

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